We love bringing ideas to life. We also love dreaming up our own! Moving a project from the dream stage to a solid concept and then taking that concept all the way through design and realization is a fabulous feeling of accomplishment.
In addition to our own experience, we can help you find the right team of talented professionals to make the dream a reality.

Project & Production Management 

From concept to opening day, there are a lot of moving parts in your project. We can provide scheduling, budgeting, work flow organization, communication platforms, and systems to get the work done.
We will herd the design along, make sure the content is staying up to pace, get those graphics to the printer before the last minute, and be there when it’s time to install everything onsite.

Install & Labor Management 

We’ve toured shows and booked them into our own facilities. Finding the right kind of labor – union or non-union – and managing the schedules and costs is tricky business.
We can handle the contracts, estimates and day- to-day supervision.
We can also help with venue layouts that keep the integrity of design while still dealing with that pesky column that is in just the wrong place.

Estimating & RFP management 

How much is that?! And, who will make it for us? From rough orders of magnitude (ROM) to detailed, verified estimates, we can manage the costs. We also have a wide portfolio of engineers and fabricators who can help assess the feasibility of projects.
Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are complicated beasts. We’ve been on both sides of those. We can help you craft and evaluate the process to find the right partners for your project.

Deep industry 

Thanks to our diverse experience in museums, television, theatre, and location-based entertainment, we have a lot of industry connections in any discipline you may require. Interactive media, audio/visual production, technology, fundraising – you name it!
We believe in the team and in teamwork, and we can’t be everything to everyone. Luckily, we’ve gotten to work with some phenomenal talent that we can bring to you as well.

Touring &
Site Logistics 

You can’t be everywhere at once.
Maybe you just need someone in the field making sure it’s all happening.
That may be scheduling trucks or walking the site with the superintendent or making tomorrow’s labor call.
There’s no alternative to having boots on the ground…or in some cases, in the mud.