The Design Phase

Blue Sky Development

What is the creative intent?
What is the big idea?
Site evaluation
Visitor evaluation
Review with feasibility

Concept Development

What does it really look like?
What are the specific
How much might it cost?
How long could it take?

Schematic Design

Define the general unknowns
Establish the facility
   interface requirements
What technologies and
   equipment are needed?
What is the cost & schedule?

Design Development

The final stage of design
Complete drawing packages
Exact details defined

The Production Phase

Construction Documentation

How will vendors know how to build it?
What kind of equipment do we need?
What are the production details for each
   experience element?
What kind of integration with other
   elements do we need to have?
Complete integration of all exhibit and A/E

Fabrication and Production

Building stuff, filming stuff
Overseeing construction and fabrication of
   all experience elements & site
Producing all audio & video
Acquiring equipment

Installing & Programming

Installation supervision
In-field art direction
On-site programming
Graphic installation


Train & Opening

Train technical & maintenance staff 
Train operation staff
Test & adjust experience elements as needed
Prepare for grand opening

Quality Assurance

Ongoing Maintenance

Media Updates