Hamilton: The Exhibition

Featuring an audio tour narrated by the musical’s author, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: The Exhibition is designed to take visitors deeper into the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, while at the same time chronicling the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America.

Chicago's Night Sky

In a dark sky, you can see about 4,500 stars with the naked eye. In Chicago’s sky, you can see about 35.

As long as people have walked the Earth, they’ve looked to the sky as a creative muse, a constant companion, and a gateway to the mysteries of our Universe. This brand-new exhibition will help connect you—and the city around you—to the wondrous human tradition of looking up.


Robot Revolution

Enter a visionary world where robots are not just a curiosity, but a vital asset.

Robot Revolution, created while we were with the world-class Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, and supported by Google.org, came to life with an awe-inspiring collection of cutting-edge robots from some of the most innovative universities and global robotics companies.

(produced by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)

Numbers in Nature

Patterns surround us in nature. They'll tell you how things work on our planet, if you know where to look to find them.

Out the window, through a microscope, or in the mirror—patterns surround us. They form the veins of a leaf, the spiral of a nautilus, and the spots on a giraffe. Patterns also inspire us as we create or build things: some arrangements just … feel right. Our key to unlocking these patterns is math. Math "isn't your thing"? Wait until you see Numbers in Nature.

(produced by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)

Leonardo da Vinci
Man, Inventor Genius

The original Leonardo exhibition. Often copied, never duplicated. 60 working models crafted by Italian artisans; an 8,000 square foot interactive workshop with a working catapult and a walk-in camera obscura; an original Leonardo codex page that had been lost to time; and, 40 "Modern Day Leonardos" to provide contemporary context.

Click for New York Times story on the exhibit premiere.

(produced by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)