Our Approach

We are the people behind the experiences you love. We've spent our lives backstage. Making the magic happen. Providing the platform for others' applause. And, we're cool with that.

Sage Creative Group has a combined 50 years of experience and deep industry resources to provide à la carte or complete experience management.

Faith Griggs


11 years managing Broadway tours and theaters, 5 years of museum exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, and even more years that range from TV production to showing prize livestock. Faith makes it happen.
She can make anything happen.
Even Teamsters like her.

John Beckman


Theatre producer, designer, project manager, 16 years at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago ending as Director of Design. He's wrangled magicians, robots, innovators, and the forces of nature all in the name of creating a great experience for the public. John is currently the Director of Exhibit Design and Production at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
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Faith Griggs' project management, logistics, and execution experience meshes well with John Beckman's work on conceptual development and guest experience. Together we have experience in museums, theatre, television, and location-based entertainment. We have also both worked for institutions and venues in permanent roles, so we have a unique insight into operations and long-term ownership that some external consultants do not.

Deep Industry Resources

Multi-media developers, writers, researchers, lighting designers, AV specialists, collections managers, installation gurus... Our network is vast - and we draw upon it to serve you best. We'll choose the team that's right for you.
One size does not fit all!