Sage Creative Group has wrangled robots, Lego® Master Builders, physicists, talk show hosts, pawn shop owners, astronauts and mathematicians to bring stories to life. We’ve also handled unions, teamsters, skeptical CFOs and dreamy design professionals to make the magic happen.

All while maintaining a guest-centered culture of experience design and mindfulness to the long-term needs of institutions.

Leonardo hero


We've got ideas, you've got ideas.

Bringing great stories to life is our passion.

Brainstorms are our specialty.

Schuyler Mansion Winter_s Ball Photo Courtesy of David Korins




Let us handle the detailed coordination and oversight on your behalf for any project.

Temporary exhibit at DMNS- Robot Revolution, March 18th - August 7th, 2016.


Making things happen.

Getting things done.

Your project’s challenges are our inspiration to bring it to life.

Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with The Storage Monster/The Shipping Monster to assist museums and other venues with their work - especially in these weird times.

There are shows that are stuck in venues that can't get out and tour operators trying to figure out what their next move is.

Let us help. We've been on the provider side and the institutional side. We understand the intricacies of the touring models and the venue models.


Why "Sage”?

A sage, in classical philosophy, is someone who has attained the wisdom that is sought. With a combined portfolio of over 40 years of professional experience we’ve seen a lot.

Sage is also used to "smudge" evil spirits away. We are particularly good at helping a project that is struggling.